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We Are Fulfillment - An FBA Alternative

Are you...

  • Currently selling on Amazon?

  • Thinking about selling on Amazon?

  • Concerned with the fulfillment costs? 

We Are Fulfillment offers an alternative
to Amazon's Fulfillment program

How does it work?

We are Fulfillment's (WAF) low startup costs, low shipping, and low storage rates allow you to remain competitive and profitable.

WAF integrates with a number of online sales channels like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. Send us your products, we will warehouse them, and then as your items are sold through your sales channels, we will pick, pack, and ship them out. This can all be done seamlessly on the back end for a very reasonable cost, while you take advantage of our discounted packing material and shipping costs.


Ideal Location

WAF's convenient mid-west location in Perrysburg, Ohio, at the crossroads of multiple interstates highways, means your customers will receive their goods in a timely manner. Our warehouse is minutes away from I-75, I-80 and I-90.

Space To Spare

We Are Fulfillment has 450,000 sq ft of building space with additional flex space available if needed. No project is too big or too small. Your items will be assigned their own unique space ready for distribution or order fulfillment.


Ready to learn more?

Call We Are Fulfillment at 800-736-6119 or simply enter your contact
information below and our experts will give you a call!


As Entrepreneurs at heart...

We understand the day to day headaches of running a business. We know the excitement of selling 1000’s of orders is often swallowed up by the fear of not knowing how you are going to fulfill those 1000’s of orders.

As our partner, let the excitement continue, keep on generating sales, and we will handle your fulfillment. Let's discuss a customized solution that is right for you.

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