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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is "Fulfillment"?

The process or business of handling and executing customer orders, including packaging, shipping and processing product orders to the customer.

We Are Fulfillment (WAF) provides fulfillment services to an eCommerce seller in an efficient and cost-effective manner allowing our sellers to focus on the marketing and selling of their products.


What are your long term storage options?


WAF can provide long term storage (over 30 days) for all our customers at our competitive warehousing rates. This service allows our customer to better manage market fluctuations they may experience in their markets.


What are "Dim Weight Calculations"?


"Dim Weight Calculations" or "Dimensional Weight Calculations" define the density, which is the amount of space a package occupies, as compared to the packages’ Actual Weight.


  1. Measure (weigh) the package.
  2. Record this weight rounded to the next whole number. This is the Actual Weight.
    • Ex) 4.2 = 5, 4.6 = 5, etc.
  3. Round each dimension (L,W,H) to the nearest whole number.
  4. Calculate the cubic inches by multiplying the rounded dimensions together (L x W x H). This is the total cubic inches.
  5. Divide the total cubic inches by the publish daily rate or retail rate as defined by the carrier. This is the Dimensional Weight.
    • Retail Rate (Domestic) - <1728 cubic inches = 166
    • Daily Rate (Domestic) - >1728 cubic inches = 139
  6. Determine Billable Weight by comparing the Actual Weight with the calculated Dimensional Weight.
  7. The largest of the two calculations is the Billable Weight.


What are your processing times?


Inbound inventory is received into our system and available for fulfillment within 24-48 hrs. Once inventory is available for fulfillment, customer's orders received by 3pm can be processed same day, orders that come in after 3pm are processed next day.


Can I visit the WAF facility?


Yes, the WAF facility is available for visits. Please call to schedule a visit.


Is there a minimum order size?


No minimum order required. Any order received by WAF is handled with the same care and consideration of all other orders. All customers are important and are treated as equals by the staff of WAF. Whether you are just getting started or need thousands of orders shipped monthly, we want to be your fulfillment solution.


When can I deliver my products?


All of your products can deliver to WAF Monday through Friday between 7AM – 3PM daily.


What is your holiday schedule?


Our Holiday schedules can vary from time to time depending on the calendar date of the specific Holiday and the day our shipping partners are available for servicing WAF locations.


Do you integrate with shipping software?


WAF’s fulfillment software can integrate with most marketplaces and shopping carts our customer's use. Some custom modification may have be done to ensure a smooth communication process. This allows for a seamless transition from the time our customers receive an order, through the pick, pack, and shipping process, to the time your customer receives the package.


Where are my products stored?


Your products will be store in one of our secured warehouses in Perrysburg, Oh. We are located at the crossroads of America where I-75 and I-80/90 meet. From our facility we can ship to over half of the US with 2-day shipping. There are multiply UPS/FedEX and Amazon fulfillment centers close by to minimize your shipping cost.


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Understanding Fulfillment

We are a full service supplier to our customers. Taking the guess-work out of your order fulfillment and customer satisfaction. Our system will integrate with any software program to fulfill orders seamlessly.

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